Wilbur Smith-A time to die

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BOOK 7 IN THE EPIC HISTORICAL SAGA OF THE COURTNEY FAMILY, FROM INTERNATIONAL SENSATION WILBUR SMITH 'Smith will take you on an exciting, taut and thrilling journey you will never forget' - Sun 'With Wilbur Smith the action is never further than the turn of a page' - Independent 'No one does adventure quite like Smith' - Daily Mirror HUNTERS. HUNTED. Sean Courtney, an ex-guerilla fighter with a violent past, is now a man of peace, leading safaris in Zimbabwe for wealthy men. His current client is Riccardo Monterro, a strong-headed man whose beautiful, determined daughter Claudia has reluctantly accompanied him. As soon as Claudia and Sean meet, her reluctance quickly turns into passion, and a love affair develops. But there is more to this holiday than just pleasure. Soon Sean finds himself fighting to keep his clients alive, as civil war breaks out in Mozambique and Sean finds himself coming face-to-face with a deadly enemy from his past. What began as a rich man's holiday will become a dangerous and desperate battle for survival. A Courtney Series adventure. A Time to Die is the seventh novel in the Courtney family saga from Wilbur Smith. Book 8 in the Courtney family series, Golden Fox, is available now